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About us

Established in 1996, Rajasthan Electronics, located in Shopping Centre, Kota-Rajasthan, stands out as a leading player in the automobile battery industry in Kota-Rajasthan. As a renowned establishment, it serves as a one-stop destination catering to customers both local and from other regions of Kota-Rajasthan. Throughout its journey, Rajasthan Electronics has solidified its position in the industry, emphasizing not only the quality of its products and services but also prioritizing customer satisfaction.

At the core of its operations lies the belief that customer experience is paramount. This principle has enabled the establishment to amass a vast and ever-growing customer base. The dedicated team at Rajasthan Electronics is committed to their respective roles, striving tirelessly to fulfill the common vision and overarching goals of the company.

Looking ahead, Rajasthan Electronics aims to diversify its product line and extend its services to reach an even broader clientele. Situated prominently in Shopping Centre, Kota-Rajasthan, accessing the establishment is hassle-free due to the availability of various transportation options. Its strategic location near Bath Plaza Tiles further facilitates easy navigation for first-time visitors.

Rajasthan Electronics is renowned for its top-notch services across various categories, including Solar Panel Dealers, Battery Dealers (Exide), Inverter Dealers, Flour Mill Dealers, Inverter Dealers (Luminous), Flour Mills, and Inverter Repair & Services. With a commitment to excellence and a customer-centric approach, Rajasthan Electronics continues to set benchmarks in the industry, promising unparalleled quality and satisfaction to its patrons.